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CDL Training
At Mr. Driving School, we believe education transforms lives. That’s why we invite you to review the information below and start the admissions process with us today. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Private Training

All of your lessons will be personalized specifically to you in order to make the most of each lesson. While there may be multiple students in the yard, your truck will not be shared with anyone else

Automatic and
Manual Shift Trucks

We have both Automatic and Manual transmission trucks available. Keep in mind, most companies are adding automatic trucks to their fleets so the need for manual transmission licenses has decreased drastically.

Lessons From
Monday to Saturday

We understand that everyone has different work schedules, that's why we have lessons available Monday to Saturday, mornings and evenings, to fit around your schedule.*

Online and In-Person Courses

We offer an online theory program that will prepare you so you can take your written test with confidence and get your permit.

Instructor 24/7

We will assign you one instructor throughout your whole time with us to avoid starting from scratch each lesson. Your instructor will be available for calls and texts anytime, even if you aren't yet scheduled for your appointment. 

Payment Plans

Payment plans and financing is available for any student. Don't let anything stop you from getting your license!**

All of our programs include the following:

Entry Level Driver Training

As of February 7, 2022, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is requiring any new student to train with a federally regulated driving trainer.

We provide the required training divided in three parts: Theory, Range, Public Road.


The thoery portion of the ELDT covers what you need to know in order to take your CDL written exams at your local Motor Vehicle Offices. This part of the training works for all CDL types of training, from Buses to Trucks. We offer in-person and online training consisting of 48 courses and examinations. Once you have completed the training, our CDL Coordinator will register in the FMCSA system to be able to take your written test.


Once you have taken your written tests at the DMV/MVC, you have to make sure to obtain your CLP so you can start in-person Behind-The-Wheel (BTW) training. At Mr. Driving School, we offer this training for New Jersey residents only.The first part of Behind-The-Wheel training takes place in our private yard. Each student will train one-on-one with a truck at their own pace. The range training consists of the Inspection/Pre-Trip and Basic Skill lessons.

Public Road

After the completion of the the Range portion of BTW training, We will continue on the Road training to make sure the student is completely ready for the road test. You will learn to drive confidently and safely on roads with other vehicles, on highways, braking, turning, and more.

Once each of these training portions are finished, the school will enter your information into the FMCSA registry in order for you to continue to the next step of the training, or if you've already done all of the training, in order to get your license.

If you would like to speak to someone over the phone or via a zoom meeting to clarify anything, feel free to set up a meeting!

You are also more than welcome to follow our guide below to figure out where in the process you are.

What do I do?

Whether you have already started the ELDT process or are just looking for some basic information, follow the prompts to figure out what your next steps are.

CDL Class A

The basic Entry-Level Driver Training program for Class A licenses is done in a Tractor-Trailer.

Online or In-Person Theory Course

One-on-One BTW Training

Class A

ELDT Theory

The first part to the ELDT requirements is to pass theory training. We offer said course in person or online. You can go at your own pace and you receive a certificate once finished.



FMCSA Approved

Work at your own pace

Español or English

CDL Class B

We offer in-person Class B training with a Straight Truck (Not Class B-Bus nor Class B-School Bus).

Online or In-Person Theory Course

One-on-One BTW Training

Class B

ELDT Hazmat

Along with theory and behind the wheel training, the FMCSA is also requiring any aspiring student to take a Hazardous Materials course in order to add this endorsement to any existing CDL. 



FMCSA Approved

Work at your own pace


CDL Class B to A

If you need to upgrade from a Class B license to a Class A license, you still need to go through the full training. Call for more information.

Online or In-Person Theory Course

One-on-One BTW Training

Class B to Class A

Still unsure? Meet with our CDL Coordinator for any other questions.

*Training appointments can only be made over the phone.


**Payment plans & Financing must be done with our CDL Coordinator. Please call us to schedule an in-person or Zoom registration meeting.



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