Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a few of our most common questions below from previous students and families. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get you the information you need.


How long is the training?

Assuming you already have your Commercial Learner's Permit, "Behind-the-Wheel" training can be completed in as little as one or two weeks. This, however, can vary. The training is dependant on your availability and your package.

When can I start to practice with a truck/bus?

After you have received your Commercial Learner's Permit, you are able to start "Behind-the-Wheel" training in as little as 1-2 weeks.

What is a CDL?

Commercial Driver's License. The holder of this type of license is considered a professional driver and can drive vehicles according to their Class type.

What is a CLP?

Commercial Learner's Permit. The CLP allows the holder to practice on a vehicle that corresponds to its class type.

How many CDL Class types do you teach?

We teach: Class A Class B Class B-Bus Class B-School Bus You can find more information about the different class types on our CDL page.

What is an ETR?

Examination Test Receipt. This is what is given to you when you buy the permit at an NJ MVC.

What is the DOT Exam?

Department of Transportation Medical Exam. This is the physical required by NJ MVC in order to have a CLP and CDL. Only Medical Practitioners certified by the DOT are qualified to give you this physical. You can search for a certified examiner here.

What written exams do I have to take?

Class A:

  1. General Knowledge
  2. Air Brakes
  3. Combination
Class B:
  1. General Knowledge
  2. Air Brakes
Class B-Bus:
  1. General Knowledge
  2. Air Brakes
  3. Passenger
Class B-School Bus:
  1. General Knowledge
  2. Air Brakes
  3. School Bus

What endorsements are available?

  1. Air Brakes (Mandatory for all licenses)
  2. Passenger (Mandatory for Class B-Bus only)
  3. School Bus (Mandatory for Class B-School Bus only)
  4. Tanks (Optional for Class A)
  5. Hazardous Materials (Optional for Class A)
  6. Doubles & Triples (Optional for Class A)


Can you as a school get my permit for me?

If you are 16 years of age, we take care of the whole permit process through NJ MVC. If you are 17+ years of age, you must get the permit through the NJ MVC on your own.

I finished my 6 hours of training, when will I get my permit?

If you are 16 years old and just finished all of your training, the next step is for us take the Permit to the NJ MVC and validate that the student is ready to drive with an adult 21 years or older that has been licensed for at least 3 years.

Can I take the written test at your school?

As per NJ MVC guidelines, only students 16 years old or younger can take the written test at a driving school. Any student 17 years or older must take the test at an NJ MVC facility.

When is your first available lesson?

Assuming the student has their Driving Permit, the first lesson is usually about 3 weeks out.


Where can I make an appointment at the NJ MVC?

You can schedule appointments with NJ MVC here.

There are no appointments on the NJ MVC scheduling page!

If there are no available appointments, you can try logging in at 12:00 am any day and the new batch of appointments will be opened.

Can I just go straight to a facility without making an appointment?

No. If you go to any NJ MVC facility without an appointment, they will turn you away.

Can I get my permit online?

As of this moment, any CDL or Auto permits must be bought at the NJ MVC itself through an appointment. We will keep you updated if this changes.

Can your school get me an earlier appointment than available online?

Unfortunately, the school is unable to speed up the appointment process.


What COVID Safety Precautions is Mr. Driving School taking?

1. Walk-ins are not accepted! You must make an appointment to meet with our staff. 2. Any un-vaccinated person MUST wear a mask. No exceptions. 3. We are constantly disinfecting all of our vehicles and the office.

Thank you all for your cooperation! Let's keep each other safe.

Can my instructor cancel a training session?

No. The only way to cancel appointments is by calling the main office at (732) 926-1341. If you cannot reach anyone, leave a message and it will be considered a valid cancellation.

Can my instructor schedule a training session?

No. You must reach the corresponding Scheduling departments to make appointments. CDL Scheduling: (908) 922-0838 Auto Scheduling: (732) 529-4379

Is your school certified?

Yes! We are properly licensed by the Division of Motor Vehicles in New Jersey. School License: DRS-000147.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Cancellations of any appointment can be made by calling the main office at (732) 926-1341. If you cannot reach anyone, leave a message and it will be considered a valid cancellation.

Is there a penalty to cancel my training session?

If a session is cancelled 48 hours in advance of the start time, it does not incur a penalty. Any session cancelled within 48 hours of the start time will only be rescheduled in case of an emergency or illness and incurs a fee of $30.

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